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Is it possible for someone to have palpitations (skipped beats) for their entire life? I have had skipped beats for many years. A day seldom goes by with feeling them at some point and sometimes every other beat for a few minutes. I have had all the tests ( Echo, lab work, dozens of EKG’s, holior monitoring and two  occasions where I wore a 30 day MCOT). I have never passed out and there is no family history of sudden death. Two questions. I had an echo 3 years ago that was normal. How often would I need to repeat the holitor to make sure heart is structurally normal? Finally, can a person literally have these annoying palps for their entire life? Thank you

Hi Carlos,
re: Is it possible for someone to have palpitations (skipped beats) for their entire life? Yes!
Palpitations are very common. They usually aren't serious or harmful, but they can be bothersome. If your heart is otherwise normal you don't need to worry.  You should have been told what your palpitations are (such as PVCs, PACs and SVT etc.), which are all arrhythmias for which drugs like beta blockers and diltiazem are often used to reduce their frequency and incidence.
Read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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