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Hi I'm 38 male I have confirmed mild cad 25% blockage I also have had sinus tachycardia since 2007 and 2 episodes of lone a fib both converted back by pills.  I have chest pain off and on I take atenolol 100th daily no other meds my cholesterol and lipid # are excellent . How can I have excellent numbers and have a blockage ? And I'm now in fear of getting a heart attack even time I feel chest pain . Should I worry is 25% blockage bad? Can it be reversed or should I ask to be put on other meds ? I just had a cardiac ct with a new 320 slice ct machine which I hear is the tell all test .what are your thoughts

If you have a 25% blockage (which is not severe) your cholesterol is probably not good enough. You should try to get your LDL cholesterol below 70. Ask your doctor about taking a statin such as Crestor and adding Aspirin 81mg daily. Good luck!!!
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