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QUESTION: Hello im a 38 male  history - i quit smoking 1 pack a day in dec 2007 i have sinus tachacardia and currently take 100 mg atenolol 1x a day- i have had 2 episodes of lone afib exactly a year apart i was able to be convertied back with medication. i have had ekg echo and stress test for chest pain, then i went for a cardiac ct with a new 320 slice ct machine . i was told the results were great all arteries were clear except 1 had a 20- 25% blockage - and that there is nothing to worry about, no new meds to take just to take 1 asprin a day which i have been doing. should i worry? is this % something to worry about ? can minor CAD be reverseible or stopped?


ANSWER: Hi Matt,
Read my answer here:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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QUESTION: Ok great thanks.  If I change my eating and exercise more that will help.  I have excellent cholesterol numbers over all it's 179 total hdl and ldl are in range also I'm not sure how this happened so I'm not on any statin drugs . Should I ask to be put on one? Plus no immediate family members have any heart issues ? Is it common to have that blockage at my age of 38? Thanks

Hi Matt,
I don't believe in "prophylactic" statin usage if your numbers are normal. Like any drug they potential side effects that should be avoided unless the drug is needed. Diet & exercise is what you need right now, and you should check your risk profile regularly. An early blockage at your age in someone at risk is not uncommon.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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