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Im a 39 year old male who suffers with a crippling anxiety/panic disorder for 13 years now. I am 6ft, overweight and probably could benefit with losing 10-20kgs. Within the last year i have been diagnosed with hypertension and my cholesterol levels are higher than what it should be, but not to warrant being on statins yet. This started about 3-4 years ago where i noticed that during playing casual sports at the weekend regulary with friends( soccer,football ) i would experience a very fast heart beat 150/160 bpm accompanied with what i can only describe as a missed/delayed heart beat at the end of like 6 sequenced beats and this would happen until i stop activity and wait for the heart to slow down ( which can be upto an hour plus ) to return to normal.
Whilst this feeling is happening in my chest, i become a little weak/fatigued and light headed. I have had this investigated with ECG's,EchoCardiograms and a CT Angiogram ( the latter within the last 8 months )and no abnormalities were found, only left axis deviation on ecg. I gave up sports for a year nursing what i thought was a poorly heart but recently ( 2 months ) i have started being active again, but the same thing is happening. Whilst i play, my heart beats like crazy, real forceful and im getting the missing/delayed beats, tiredness and dizzyness whilst it happens. Im certain im going to die at any minute when that happens! All the medical professions it may be related to my anxiety/panic, but i just dont know.

Hi Ren,
You have a number of cardiac risks, but a normal heart function other than those palpitations.
Read this:
Diet, exercise and a heart healthy lifestyle are essential if you want to avoid more problems later on in life:
You are the only one to deal with your anxiety/panic.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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