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Hello!I am a RN and been sick with an unidentified illness despite concerted attempts to discover its origin. It seems to have components of Vagus nerve irritation---heartburn, some heart palpitations (especially if overheated),abdominal bloating with an extreme amount of nausea and gas which is belched up over hours of extended belching that goes on and on. I have an auditory, balance, and visual component that initiate immediate severe nausea and dry heaving. Rapid movements such as watching finger tapping, foot shaking, cars streaming by, channel surfing, cause my normal level of nausea to sky rocket and dry heaving ensues. Any abrupt change in position- forward, lateral, up or down-- going around a corner, or braking too fast in a car, the lurch of an elevator, stomping my foot,stumbling, being shoved, bending at the waist causes dry heaving. I also have to use a cane when whatever it is in high gear because my balance is so skewed. Any abrupt sound- clapping, something dropping to the floor, a stapler being used, dishes rattling,a balloon popping etc causes immediate violent dry heaving. I also have an area all along on my right neck and behind my ear that when pressure is applied my nausea skyrockets and I dry heave.Turning my neck hard to the left also gives me the sensation of dry heaving-- one big slow exagerated burp.
I have several areas in my upper right back at the upper inner curve of my scapula, when pushed it is like pushing an on-off switch for dry heaving to ensue.Each time I dry heave air is forced into my stomach and I literally blow up like a balloon.
Every time I do any physical work where my upper back muscles tighten up I am on a trigger switch for any stimuli which causes dry heaving and all my digestive problems including explosive stools ensues to a greater degree.At times I get a blocked airway sensation which requires a hard cough to remedy the feeling.
I have gone through testing from head to toe. No one can figure this out. It seems to have so many varied components the only common thread I could attribute it to was the Vagus nerve.
Does this sound like anything that might tie together since your specialty is Cardiology and you have expert knowledge of the Vagus nerve functions?
If you have no idea what might be happening can you direct me to someone who might help me please? I am so very fatigued of being ill day in day out with no real help.I am hopeful someone can figure this out so that I might regain my life back. Oh-I have borderline CHiari malformation barely within normal range.
Thanks so very much!

Hi Norma,
Your symptoms (other than perhaps some of your GI symptoms) have nothing to do with your vagus nerve:
I assume heart disease has been excluded ("testing from head to toe"), but as a CT surgeon who treated many patient with esophageal disease (one of my specialties) I cannot begin to understand who you attribute your symptoms to your vagus.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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