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Hi, I have a 9yr old son and was told last year he had a murmur they did an ekg on him and said there was nothing at all his primary care doctor was over reacting. I took him in yesterday for a cold and his Dr. the same one told us his murmur was worse and now wants an echo done. Its scheduled for Monday. He's 4'6 tall and weighs 62lbs. Also in the last two weeks he's had his blood pressure checked the first was at the eye doctor 89/29 we thought the cuff must messing up. the second yesterday 97/47.  My question is will a murmur make his blood pressure low like this and what kind of murmur could this be?  He's a pretty healthy kid, he does have Asthma but that's it. What should I be watching for and how do I be proactive about this when I feel so lost?

Hi Cheri,
Till you have an answer whether your son has a murmur, and - if so - whether it requires treatment it is impossible to speculate about what it could mean. The best way forward is an echocardiogram:
This will provide you with the answer you need.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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