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Hi, I have been having a dull ack in my chest last week and half, I belch a lot and it has a burning at top on my chest,   I had a echo this year in February was good, had a stress test last August without contrasts last august it was good,

Have rods that run along both sides of spine which gives me lots back ackes and does make chest hurt now and than
Going to cardio dr Thursday, just scared going throw myself into heart cath that I might not need

Any ideals thank you

Hi, some reading on stress testing is available at http://blog.myheart.net/2014/03/17/do-i-need-a-stress-test/.

The symptoms you report are atypical in nature and you are right they may well be acid reflux, however you are wisely getting these symptoms checked out. While its reassuring you had a stress test and echo in the past, its difficult to know what the old tests mean in the presence of new symptoms.

I would not worry too much about getting yourself thrown in to a heart cath. Based on the information you have supplied you don't have high risk features and unless you have changes on an EKG or blood work suggestive of heart damage, or development of more typical symptoms you don't really have an indication for a heart cath. Almost certainly if any further testing is done then you would have some form of stress test again . If that were to show something then a heart cath would be the next step. And in that case you would want to have a look and see what was going on anyway.

I wouldn't worry too much. If anything a check up with a history and physical will serve to reassure you.

Hope that was helpful,

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