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hi doctor

im 54 yr old male  suffered from generalised anxiety and panic attacks 30 years.
i have developed heart phobia
ecg  2005  normal
ecg  2010  sinus rythym  lahb
ecg  2011  same
ecg  2012   lahb with rbbb
ecg  2013   same as 2013
cardio  says stress echo every year is enough unless symptoms
so far all stress echos and i stress mibi normal
i also have severe ed

is my condition being managed correctly /

Hi, here is some related reading. http://blog.myheart.net/2014/03/17/do-i-need-a-stress-test/ and http://blog.myheart.net/2013/05/12/how-often-should-i-have-a-stress-test/

You have EKG changes that are abnormal although not necessarily considered dangerous unless accompanied by symptoms such as periods of dizziness or passing out. Your normal echo is reassuring. In the absence of these symptoms and given the fact you have been reassured by a cardiologist there is no cause for immediate concern.

I dont understand the need for a yearly stress echo but then again i don't know all the details. Indications for that include the presence of symptoms and others, read the articles i linked above. A yearly exercise EKG would be considered by some to assess your heart rhythm and rate response during this.

Try not to worry too much and continue your regular follow up,

Hope that was helpful

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