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I had a nuclear test & 2-d echo recently. I was told my echo was great. However, I'm concerned after receiving it. Measurements all normal. Valve reports Mitral is mildly thickened. Aortic valve mildly calcified leaflets with mild aortic root calcification. Trivial mitral regurgitation. Summary states Normal  function & LVEF>60%  No functional valvular abnormalities. Nulear stress test is normal. I'm 53 female. Is mild calcification normal?

Hi, there is some reading on stress tests and echocardiograms at http://blog.myheart.net/2014/03/17/do-i-need-a-stress-test/ and http://blog.myheart.net/2013/08/12/echocardiography-part-1-what-is-an-echocardio.

Mild calcification of the valves is commonly seen on echocardiograms. Calcification of the valves can be seen as part of the normal degenerative processes that occur in almost all organs of the body and is associated with factors such as aging, diabetes and high blood pressure or just occur independently. In your case, based upon the information you have provided,  I would say your echocardiogram is perfectly normal and you have excellent function of the heart with no significant structural abnormality. No specific follow up is even required for findings of mild calcification. Furthermore your nuclear stress is normal suggesting no significant abnormality in blood supply to the heart. Sounds like you are in good cardiovascular shape to me!

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