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Hi there.
I've been suffering with skipped beats or missed beats and went to see my gp and was given ECGs 24hr ECG and echo scan for them to find nothing apart from some  missed beats on the 24hr ECG and was told nothing to be worried about.. Sometimes when I'm traing or doing sports I notice just a single strong beat that has a sort of a tickling feeling or it's like my heart just jumped and skipped, I get the same feeling after a large meal too ???
I'm 30yo good bp and a low resting hr in the 40s with a very active lifestyle..
I don't get dizzy or faint with these episodes but it really scares and worries me to the point it's affecting my life.
I've been having these episodes for 4 or 5 years or at least they came to my attention then, it seems as tho I have all the tests every year or so too... :(
Thanks for your time.

Hi Neil. The site http://blog.myheart.net has some basic information about heart arrhythmia's.

Palpitations are very common, we all get them, even if we don't all feel them, in facts we all have skipped beats / extra beats etc a fact proven in studies than continuously monitored people over time.  Some people are much more sensitive to them, where as someone may get some skips and shrug them off, others will get just a few and be very scared and literally feel like they are going to die, which is understandable as its a situation where they don't know whats hapenning and they feel out of control.

A general approach to these skipped beats is as follows. If they are associated with no symptoms whatsoever other than the symptoms of skipped beats then they are very unlikely to be dangerous particularly if they last a few seconds only and are not frequent. If they are associated with chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness or passing out. They may need investigation. Depending on the urgency and intensity of the situation they may need investigation straight away. If they are frequent or long lasting then they likely also need investigation.  

The good news is that most of the time these extra beats are benign. In fact studies of healthy people that have involved wearing a heart monitor showed that not only are they common, but they occur in most people. In studies that followed up healthy, generally asymptomatic people with even frequent beats (around 500/hr) the long term outcome of those people was no different to the normal healthy population.

Sometimes PVC's may be a sign of underlying heart disease but rarely do they cause heart disease. In your case the  unremarkable ekg, and echo are very reassuring and if i were you i wouldn't worry too much.

Hope that helps,  

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