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I am 38 male . i have sinus tachy which i take atenonol 100 mg a day to control my fast heart rate, I have had 2 episodes of lone afib each 1 year apart with no known cause as to why it happend no different meds , no blood thinners, i take 1 adult asprin daily. i recently had a cardiac ct and my calcium score is a 4 on the ct scan we found a PFO and a PDA . My doctor did not mention any treatment of these issues all though they are listed on the scan . I have no abnormal symptoms. nothing i have no limitations .

1-What do you suggest I do for PDA (patent Ductus arteriosus)with no symptoms? not sure of the size of this PDA as it doesnot say
2- The PFO , does not list the size and no symptoms with that . What should i ask at this point? should i be worried ? or is there no treatment if they dont cause symptoms? thank you

Hi Matt,
Definitely discuss with your doctor, though I suspect neither the PFO or PDA have clinical significance at this point. However, a PFO sometimes causes thrombo-embolisms (if you had any)to travel from the right side of your heart to the left side, causing a stroke:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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