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Hey Doc. Im a 42 year old male. Otherwise healthy. The last month or so I have experienced “pins and needles” or tingling on the top of my left are. It last a few seconds and goes away. There is no numbness just a creepy, tingling feeling. Two days ago after leaving a water park with my child, I experienced numbness in several finger tips on both hands. It last about 20 minutes and went away. Im not sure if these  symptoms have anything in common but there are no other symptoms. Does this sound strange? By the way, I check my BP at morning and night and it is normal

Hi, a link worth reading is ; http://blog.myheart.net/2013/06/18/angina-or-some-other-chest-pain/

Your symptoms are what we call atypical and not likely to represent classical heart related pain. In fact numbness in the fingertips on both hands is almost certainly not heart related and sounds more neurologic, such as nerve related. Also in general angina is a sensation of chest pain or pressure (sometimes shortness of breath) that may radiate to the arm/neck and is related to exertion and resolves with rest. Some groups such as older women and diabetics are known for atypical symptoms but even then they are typically related to some form of exertion unless in the setting of an acute heart attack, and you are almost certainly not having on of those! Of note, you are 42 and you should certainly be seeing a physician on some sort of regular basis. Your risk of heart disease should be assessed and care taken to modify any risk factors present such as control of BP, cholesterol, weight, activity levels etc.

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