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35 yo male
5'8, 196lbs....down from 247.
Recently lost weight, got cholesterol, blood sugar back within normal limits, though neither were ever terribly high..just borderline.
Mild family history of heart disease, nothing heavy.
BP can spike, but when calm, falls in normal limits.

Went to PCP with heavy indigestion in April of this year.
Doc did EKG ....fine...same as 2 yrs. ago.
Showed PCP crease in left ear (not in right)....it seems to be more prevalent at times and less at others.
Doc ordered CRP-Cardio.... 8.2
Doc said wait 8 weeks, do CRP again....waited....9.5 on round 2
Now, Doc says, keep exercising, loosing weight, we'll do CRP again in September, but I'm having major anxiety over it.

Don't really have "chest pain" per se, but little tingles all over the chest and stomach, that I usually chalk up to indigestion.  
Breathing is always fine...sometimes feels a little tight, when I get very anxious, but never short of breath.  Just can't take as deep a breath as I'd like to.
Occasional pain in left arm...but comes and goes...changes location...never more than about a 2 on a scale of 1-10
Occasional pain in teeth...but upper and lower, moves around, again, never more than a 2 or so on the 1-10 pain scale.
Recently started having PVCs more frequently than usual.  Used to get them from time to time after a big meal, and/or lots of alcohol, but now seem to come late at night, almost as soon as I start drinking alcohol...if I  do.  Sometimes come on their own.  Never last more than an hour or so.  

Question is....Is my doc on the right track? Or could he be doing more to show my heart is fine?
Just hold on until next CRP in September?

Am seeing a therapist for health-related anxiety, she thinks all the "minor" symptoms (PVCs, arm pain, jaw pain, most of the indigestion) are anxiety related, but though I have no major symptoms, I can't get this feeling out of my head that something may be wrong.  

Thanks in advance!

Hi Scott,
While true that high CRP levels appear related to a higher risk of heart disease, this issue is best resolved by testing you directly for it, such as with calculating your cardiac risks and a stress test. I don't find it useful to keep getting a CRP w/o a more definitive answer:
Read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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