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Hello, I started to have sharp chest pains October 2013. Went to cardiologist did stress test, ultra sound of the heart and EKG. Everything perfectly normal. Found out a couple of months later that it was Acid Reflux. Between that time I started to develop very bad anxiety, all day every day always focusing on my heart. Fast forward to Jan 2014, I noticed my heart would flutter about once a week, while bending over or just laying in bed. Tried to ignore it until I had 1 beer, then when the alcohol was wearing off I noticed a flutter again. They started to come more frequent and my anxiety was at its worst. I had already cut out caffeine, alcohol was on occasion. Did a 24 hr holter monitor and everything was great, but did catch occasional PVC's/PAC's.  They don't happen with exercise, I get a few during the day but stronger ones at night. Im anxious all day long, obsessing over my heart. Sometimes I get 6-7 in a row and I start panicking.  Cardiologist does not take the time to reassure me or explain anything. I'm afraid that one day these flutters won't stop and I'll either pass out or just  die :(  I get them with anything, emotions, sugar,  and my occasional drink. Have I caused my heart to be extra sensitive?? I'm in constant fear. Please help!!

Hi, I have recently written about PVC's in the following link http://blog.myheart.net/2014/07/30/pvc-heart-beats-are-they-dangerous/. It answers a lot of the questions you ask.

In a situation such as yours, where underlying structural heart disease has been ruled out, the consensus is that the PVC's are not generally of critical concern. I realize that they are anxiety provoking, but the normal stress test and echo really are reassuring. My advice to you is not to worry too much as the likelihood of them becoming a serious issue is tiny and certainly not worth living in constant fear about.

Please feel free to ask further questions if you still have them after reading the article.

Hope that was helpful,  

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