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I get skipped heart beats (pvcs and PAC's) on a daily basis because I am an anxious person. My cardiologist doesn't take the time to reassure me of what is going on, nor does he really take the time to listen. There are times when I get about 5 in 1 minute, and it's usually followed by a big burp. Why is that?? I have acid reflux as well. What I'm feeling are palpitations because when I put my fingers on my pulse, I can feel the pause as I'm feeling the flutter. Then I get this feeling of like a bubble coming up my throat. Please help me and give me peace of mind. I've had EKG/24 hr holter/echo/stress tests. All normal. Occasional pvcs and PAC's. I'm 26yr old female, 95lbs no family history of heart disease. High anxiety everyday.

Hi Vanessa,
I think it is your anxiety rather than these PACs/PVCs that is caused you trouble.
Read this:
Since you have a normal heart otherwise, you don't have to worry!
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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