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38 Fem.returned from holiday today. Got very busy cleanin washing etc in the heat.heart rate was
120.sat down it went down a bit . got
anxious and measured it a few times. it went down to 85 for a while then up again!bp
Was perfect. I am not sure but I blve the coffee I had was not decaf like i asked either and the road trip was 5hrs long. I am out of shape 70kgs 1.65 but have had good rsting h.rates and on holiday i never had high h.rate. do y think something is wrong ?I have hashimoto mvp +1regurgitation and positiv
E history of anxiety disorder. I hate it when my h.r goes up!I suffered sensoneureal hearing loss 3mos ago and I am devastated . On vastarel for tinnitus .


Taking a full medical history is important and an easy way to differentiate benign from dangerous There are several questions to be asked when evaluating palpitations and high heart rates. These include the following. What were you doing at the time. Was it regular or irregular. Did you get any symptoms of  chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, or did you pass out. How long did it last and did it stop suddenly or gradually. How often does it happen. Importantly did you have a history of heart disease.  These are the kind of questions a cardiologist would ask you to get an idea of whats going on and whether its worth being concerned about. Clearly the recurrent ones or irregular ones that are associated with dizziness are worse than the regular short lived generally asymptomatic ones.

From what you mention, statistically speaking, and assuming you have no other heart disease, its most likely just a benign supra-ventricular tachycardia known as an SVT and is therefore likely more anxiety provoking than dangerous. If it recurs or was associated with symptoms then you could get it investigated with use of a monitor to help diagnose it and the symptoms fairly easily treated. If you are worried or the symptoms recur you should see someone who can ask you these questions and easily reassure you.

Hope that was helpful,  

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