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Hi there

I am a 39 yr old woman in good health..I have ongoing anemia, and a slight heart murmur that has been there all my life.
About 2 weeks ago I had an episode of near fainting, dizziness, numb left arm and palpitations. The cardiac monitor in the ambulance showed an irregular heartbeat, but was never reproduced in the ER. I have been going to follow up test trying to see what this could be. I feel much better, but still get palpitations that feel like a hummingbird in my chest. I had a stress test today that showed PAC only a few times, but that I had a blunted response to exercise in regards to my blood pressure. It actually dropped a few points during the test despite my heart rate reaching 170. My BP remained around 130/80.

I will be having a holter test as weel, but was curious what this BP could be cause by. Should I be concerned?

Hi Jennifer,
Thus far, there is no evidence of significant heart disease. You have to wait for the result of your Holter to check whether there is evidence of a serious arrhythmia. Read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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