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In July I had some feelings in my heart like I was going over a hill also it my pulse seemed to skip a beat when this happened. I was under a lot of stress at the time.This started to get regular so I went to Drs. this has continued only a few times. Dr thought it might be Pvcs maybe due to stress.
Pulse and blood pressure were normal on examination but I was sent for ecg and chest scan. Heart size was normal on chest scan.
The nurse said when doing the ecg that all looked normal but when I returned to the Dr for follow up she said that my heart beat was fine but the electric signal was slightly off but it may have been due to one of the wires not being connected properly so I was sent for an echo. When receiving the echo the nurse said I had an ectopic beat but I was quite nervous and the nurse said it wasn't anything to worry about.  My Dr phoned me today with the test results from the echo and said that 1 of my 4 chambers in my heart was slightly bigger than it should be and although she is sure it won't be anything for major concern she is referring me to a cardiologist so he can give his opinion on the results.
This has got me worried as I have a young child .What does this mean. A cardiologist appointment is likely to take 6/8 weeks.
Unfortunately the Dr didn't give me any further details.
I am 39yrs, non smoker, drink in moderation and go to gym 3 times a week without any problems.
Many thanks


With regards to the EKG tracing, it is correct that lead placement may influence the signal and unless an issue was raised i wouldnt worry.

As for the ectopic beat, these are certainly very common and seen in most normal individuals also,

The echocardiogram chamber enlargement may be something or may be nothing. Lets wait and see what the cardiologist says. If it was something very serious you would have likely had an appointment made more urgently. There are many reasons a chamber may be enlarged and this differs depending on which chamber, its difficult to comment on this without seeing the images.

Dont worry too much for now, as it may be about nothing,

Hope that was helpful,

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QUESTION: Hello Dr thanks for the reply.
I spoke with the Dr again on the phone.
The Dr said it was the left artriel that was slightly enlarged and 1 of my valves was leaking by a very small amount.

Hi Chris,

I really wouldn't worry about these echocardiogram findings. I slight bit of leakiness of the heart valves is very common and typically of no short or long term consequence. The good thing is that there are no concerning abnormalities.

Hope that was helpful  

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