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"I am now a 50 yr old female who is quite obese. I feel like I am o a roller coaster. About 5 years ago my rvsp came back on an echo as 42. I began having echos every 3-6 months. The RSVP increased to 60 and stayed there for about 3 years. Last year my echo said the RVSP was 42 and now a yr later is it 53. Some things were notated along the way but I will post what  the latest one says. No one seems all that concerned except for me. Please offer any help. Should I have the echo repeated?
The study quality is poor
The LV chamber size is normal
mild concentric LV hypertrophy is observed
Estimated EF is 50-55%
Abnormal LV diastolic function is observed
Left and right atrium is mildly dilated
No evidence of aortic stenosis
Mitral valve appears normal in structure and function
Mild tricuspid regurgitation
RVSP calculated t 53%
evidence of moderate PH
No pericardia effusion"

Hi Cath,
The issue is not whether to get another ECHO, but how to lose weight. The pulmonary hypertension is almost certainly related. Do you also have sleep apnea? Luckily, your echocardiogram is mostly normal otherwise!
Read this:
Read this blog I wrote earlier about governor Christie:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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