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Dear Doctor

I have had a Chest X ray and found mild cardiomegaly . My doctor asked me to do an ECG and ECHO ; and the ECHO came normal but the ECG shows possible old septal myocardial infraction.

Could you please explain what is that and should I be worry about it? Why Echo came normal if I have septal MI.
ECG attached.

Thank you

Hi, http://myheart.net/articles/

When it comes to investigating heart issues we have a number of tests, some better than others. Although the chest x ray can suggest heart enlargement it is not as good as the echocardiogram. So the echocardiogram being normal means the chest x ray findings are not concerning. EKG patterns are not exact either, although the read form the machine suggests one thing, an entirely normal echocardiogram would suggest no previous damage has been done. Essentially in the echo you can directly see the walls of the heart and how they are functioning whereas in the other tests you cannot. So unless you have been told otherwise you can be reassured.

Hope that was helpful.

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