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I am femael 55  yr old/diabetic/hypertension/anxiety/migraines/high lipids...overweight..under A LOT OF EXTRA stress with husbands cancer and 96 yr old mother with Alzheimers...disability from neck and back, no pain meds only Benicar HCT 20mg metformin 100mg, glucatrol xl 10mg, nexium,aspirin Lantus..sugar not controlled a1c always 8.3% lately I feel weird headed like earache and lightheadiness and kind of warm but sweat a ton during sleep though post meno for 5 anxiety meds since April 2015 quit cold turkey..worried I will have a stroke over worrying about husband because of the weird headed feelings I have, headacles all over head, and fear to take my BP becasue in June it was staying like 156/77-82 which is a lot higher than I usually have and I cannot walk straight..odd as is a lot of these symptoms seem ear related but can u help me on the blood pressure concern..if stress is casuing someones bp to stay up...what is the ABSOLUTE high number to tolerate? no dr appt since June due to anxiety concerns regarding high BP (my Dr would hospitalize me if it is too high) and I cannot leave my husband for ione else to caregive


There is no set number in terms of needing you to be acutely hospitalized, often it comes down to symptoms associated with it. My advice for you is to buy a good quality blood pressure monitor, and keep a diary, check your pressure twice a day, after sitting down for 5 minutes, then your further treatment should be based of that, take the diary next time you go to the Dr's and you can review it together.

Hope that was helpful.  

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