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Hello Dr. Ahmed,

It's me again the guy with who posted these:
(MVProlapse with trivial regurgitation)

I have another two questions that weren't covered in the previous posts.

1. After 2+ years of having PVCs I just noticed (by checking my pulse) that there is a more-than-1-second pause (probably around 1.4-1.6 seconds; but NOT reaching 2) after every PVC. I learned of this by accident when I was counting my heart rate and a PVC happened. This might have been occurring right from the start but I just didn't notice it. I went to my cardio and he said it's nothing to worry about.

Is it? Won't this deprive my body of oxygen during that 1.4 or so second pause? Is this going to complicate over time?

2. I keep reading that PVCs are benign in a structurally sound heart. I never asked this but I have MVP with IRBBB doesn't that make me as a patient with PVCs with a heart that's not structurally sound? If so, what does this mean for me?

Thank you for any informative answers you may give Dr. Ahmed.


The 1.4 second pause is not particularly concerning and if not associated with dizziness or passing out, or a change in symptomatic status is not much to worry about particularly if not very frequent,

Most people diagnosed with MVP don't have it to be honest, i would check to see if you dom and only the most severe forms or those associated with significant leakiness would count as structural heart disease,

Hope that was helpful  

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