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Hello, I am a 15 year old male. I have some questions about my heart. Occasionally I will have a sharp pain in my heart area. It lasts all of a second or two, and it is MUCH worse if I breath in or move a certain way. After a lot of reasearch I feel like it is not too serious, and more likely to deal with my lungs then my heart. Something to do with the liquid on the lungs being dry and causing friction was the main thing about it, but it said it wasn't serious and is common. It happens maybe once or twice a month and doesn't really bother me. The other question I have is that sometimes I have this "twich" in my heart. It doesn't hurt and lasts less then a second. It feels almost like it's right under the skin. The location of it is on the top of my abs. It is basically on my top ab. Like I said it doesn't hurt one bit and it doesn't cause me to stop doing anything. It's like if you got a twich in your eye, but a little bigger, and it's only one twich. It can happen multiple times a day, and only tends to happen if I'm sitting or laying. It hasn't always happened. It is a recent thing. And recently I have had a lot of stress and anxiety. It also happens more when I think about it and worry about it. I have always been healthy and have never had heart problems. I recently had a physical and I was healthy. I didn't mention these things because they don't really bother me, but now I'm getting stressed out over them. I know you cannot tell me what it is over the Internet, but it would help out if you just gave me an idea on what it could be, because you know more about this then me. I personally do NOT think they are serious, but I have been worried about them lately for some reason. So any answers on what you think will help! Thank you


Chest pain related to the heart is generally related to exertion and is lie a pressure and can radiate to the arm or the jaw. They generally settle with rest. Sometimes that pain can be atypical but in general sharp twinges, not related to activity, are not heart related. Also although its in the area of the upper abdo, there is no way to know its your heart. The pain you describe is very unlikely to be heart related. Its not possible to give you specific information without taking a history and physical but if you have recently been checked out thats very reassuring. Given your age you are in a very low risk group and given the atypical symptoms its even lower. Of course symptoms of passing out etc, would be concerning, but you don't have those.

Hope that was helpful.  

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