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Hi. Today as usual went to my gym. 10 minutes after I left I started getting ice pick pain in my left breast like someone was stabbing or rather poking at a spot . I have gotten them before but this time they lasted half an hour or so. I was feeling fine other than that continued powerwalking back to my flat. I took my no and pulse both excellent.  Had my annual echo or the heart two months ago.

39 fem /70 kgs/1.65
Hashimoto thyroiditis
mvp mild regurgitation since 19 y old.
exercise 3-4 times a week no history of heart disease in family

Should I freak out?

Hi Antonia,
It is more likely a muscular skeletal issue than your heart, but please read this and the following links to see if you should be worried about your heart:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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