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I an currently irbesartan for hypertension. In spite of following a very healthy diet for the last year, and losing weight, I am still overweight with most of it on a very large, bloated abdomen. I am wondering if it could be a side effect of the irbesartan? I was hesitant to discontine it in the past, but now that I am losung weight everywhere except my abdomen, and because of lifestyle changes my  my blood pressure has stayed in a normal range,I feel it is safe to go off it for a while, to see if that is the problem. Weight gain and swelling is a side effect of irbesartan.  Thanks for your thoughts!


Im not familiar with that being a common side effect of the drug. If concerned i would discuss with the prescriber and see if a trial of avoidance would be warranted. Unfortunately its not possible for me to be more specific without a history and physical s of course there could be many reasons for the symptoms.  

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