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My mother, 82, suffered a mild hemorrhagic stroke affecting right hand and leg. Doctors expect rehab will restore complete function. She takes no medications, healthy eating, walks, and supplement regimen.

1.Is it true that blood thinning supplements may be the cause? She takes Vit E 800-1200iudaily; hawthorn berry; Omega 3 oil; ginger?
2. Does vit E increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke? Several websites claim it does.
3. Her blood pressure she takes daily has been averaging in 140s. Could a one time spike in 200s cause hemorrhagic stroke?
4. Or does a hemorrhagic stroke in itself raise the blood pressure so high?
5. Echo shows aortic stenosis, but she is asymptomatic. Could the stenosis have caused it?
6. Will she recover complete function of right hand and leg?
Thank you.

Hi, http://myheart.net/articles/

1) Its difficult to definitively implicate the supplements in causing stroke, other than vitamin e the ones mentioned are not a recognized cause of hemorrhagic stroke and would have a very mild thinning effect at best.

2) Some evidence suggests that vitamin e is associated with a slightly increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke and a reduced risk of ischemic stroke. The evidence is by no means conclusive. The use of vitamin has not been found to significantly affect chances of getting a stroke in general.

3) High blood pressure is associated with stroke, while theoretically its possible that spikes can cause stroke, its very difficult to know for sure in a case by case setting, Main point being a lower bp is better in terms of stroke risk,

4) Stroke does raise BP at the time of stroke as a part of a process known as auto regulation

5) It depends on the severity of the aortic stenosis, however aortic stenosis is generally associated with ischemic and not hemorrhagic stroke to the best of my knowledge

6) Its difficult to know without examining her, seeing the scan,  and knowing the clinical situation, that is best asked to the treating neurologist

Hope that was helpful  

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