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Hi, I'm a 35 year old male, not overweight but back in February I had a mild ache in my chest for a day, but the next day I started feeling a thud in my chest upon feeling my pulse it would pause every 20 beats sometimes as little as every 6 beats. Ive felt the thud ever since and it's driving me insane. Ive had a 24hrs ecg and cardiac ultrasound the ecg shows about 1000 or so ectopic beats and my ultrasound shows that my heart is fine. The cardiologist has diagnosed it as supraventricular ectopic and that I need to just deal with it. I'm really struggling to cope with this feeling everyday, all day. It's the first thing that's on my mind in the morning and feel it as soon as I wake. The only joy that I get is that it doesn't disturb my sleep. Is this how it is for the rest of my life? Can you explain what supraventricular ectopic is? Could something have been missed from the tests?


Supraventricular ectopic is an extra beat that originates from the top chambers of the heart. In the presence of a structurally normal heart (normal echocardiogram) and no alarm symptoms such a dizziness or passing out they are relatively benign. If you have been checked out and determined to be otherwise ok, it means the extra beats are more of an annoyance than dangerous. I doubt anything has been missed from the tests.

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