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Hi Dr Ahmed,

I've been having on/off split second chest pain (not that frequent though), light headedness & shortness of breath for quite sometimes. I've blackout once in Aug 2013 while mountain hiking for about 10 minutes walk & fainted in Oct 2014 right after passing urine in the morning. Before I fainted, I felt nauseous & sweating. I drop & fainted before I managed to step out of the bathroom for quite sometimes (at least 10 minutes) before regained consciousness.

At first I thought my symptoms could be due to my anemia. But my latest blood test result shows no sign of anemia. Just my wbc is a bit low (3.2), corrected calcium also a bit low (2.01) & total cholesterol also a bit high (6, LDL: 3.68). My resting ECG report is abnormal with short pr interval (117) & inverted T waves at lead ll, lll, V3 & V5. Dr advice to do Echo & threadmill stress test. I went to see a cardiologist & did the above test. Here's the test results:

Stress test Report:
Protocol: Bruce
Female, age 44, height 145cm, weight 34kg
Resting BP: 130/80, HR: 88, RPP (*100): 114
Target HR: 176, Max HR: 155(88%), Max SBP: 150, Max DBP: 80, HRR: 28
Total exercise time: 8:18, Max METS: 10.2, Max VO2: 35.7, Distance: 0.556km
End of stage recovery 3 (Time: 4:10, HR: 104, BP: 130/70, RPP (*100): 135
End of stage recovery 4 (Time: 6:04, HR: 96, BP: 130/70)
Worst ST Depression at lead V3 : (-2.0mm), Time: 8:09, HR: 155
Chest pain: none
ST changes: Depression horizontal at V3 & V4 (minimal) & rapidly recovered during recovery.
Arrhythmia: none
Asymptomatic - considered as negative stress test

Echo Result:
LVEF: 56% (normal >54%)
Pulmonary macPG: 24 + 10 = 34mmhg
Trivial MR, Mild AR, Mild TR
The rest all normal.

Can you please explain & advice on the above 2 test results.
Is it related to my chronic shortness of breath & frequent on & off light headedness?
I've tried running twice in 2013 (5km & 10km) & ended up dizzy & nauseous upon reaching the finished line.
I sat down straight grasping air & felt like throwing up. After these 2 incidents, I dare not run or exert myself.
Please advice whether I'm fit to jog again as I really scared plus my chronic shortness of breath.

Thank you so much!


The treadmill test showed that you were able to exercise to a relatively good degree, there were no concerning symptoms, and the heart tracing showed no significant abnormality. Its taken as a negative test which is good news.

The echo test showed that you have normal heart function and no other significant abnormality. So basically you have normal heart structure and function.

The tests done explain your symptoms and all in all your heart is checking out ok. Without taking a full history and physical its difficult to be more specific. If your tests have been normal and your dr feels its ok then you can likely start jogging, of course build up slowly and do it as tolerated.

Hope that was helpful.  

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