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I'm a 57 year old male. I had my first heart attack at age 50, but the Dr's said it was a "very light heart attack", and I was sent home with basically no further instructions or information to hopefully help prevent another heart event. In '11 I had two cardiac arrests back to back in the ambulance, then had emergency quad bypass. Months later femoral aorta replacement. Somehow I developed nueropathy in my feet even though I'm not diabetic. Since the surgeries, I've had constant edema, most apparent in my left lower leg. Currently I'm on Lasix 40MG BID, and half a tab before bed. Additionally I take Spironolactone HCTZ 25-25 once daily. I've asked both my personal Dr. and my cardiologist how to balance my diuretics and my daily intake of fluids so that I'm not ingesting too much, or too little, and how to keep my potassium levels from falling, as it occasionally does, and I get no clear answers at all, even after all this time. Also, none of the valves in my heart close completely. Is there anything I can do from home that will help this? Again, I've got almost no help as far as answers from my current Dr's, so I hope you can help me.(Additionally on top of congestive heart failure and other related cardiac issues, I have COPD. At my age and otherwise in good health, would I be a candidate for a heart-lung transplant?) Thank you very much for your time and knowledge, and hopefully some clarified answers to help me feel and BE better.


Sounds like you had quite an ordeal.

Need to know a few things, what is the pumping function of your heart? howe severe is your valve disease? Is the edema in the leg where the vein was taken? and what happened to your femoral artery and which side was that on? How bad is your copd, tests?

ill be able to provide a more informed answer with that information,  

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