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My father is a 74 year old in good general physical health.  Only thing he has is high blood pressure which he is currently on medication for.  Over the last year or so, every so often he would get kind of woozy or dizzy and he would check his pressure and it would be lower than his normal.  He has had his medication adjusted.  During the summer once he just got out of his truck after driving for about 1/2 hour with AC on and he became woozy and even vomitted.  I took him to ER, but they basically said nothing.  Now I guess last night he passed out in the bathroom and hit his back on the bathtub.  Well I guess it is now time to press the issue with him.  What should I be looking at here?  What specialist to see?  A cardiologist?  I do work in the health profession so I do know some things about it.  He always just wants to put it off.  We also live in rural Kansas.  Thanks for any info you can provide.


I would certainly advise he see a physician to rule out any conditions that could be contributing. In this case a careful history and physical are required to tease out the specifics. I would start with a good internist, then ask whether they think that he would benefit from a cardiology or neurology referral depending on the story of the episodes. The differential at this point is large, and ruling out serious things one by one, starting with a detailed history is the best approach.

Hope that was helpful.  

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