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Dr. hi thanks for service.  I was diagnosed 20 yrs ago with Hashimoto thyroid and Mvp/mitral regurgitation  +1. I have checked it few times in an echo it showed no regurgitation at all.  Last one I had was 2.5 yrs ago which again showed +1. I have had 3 kids one by c section plus myomectomy when I was 35 now I am 39. Had X-ray and ekg last May I was at hospital for ear deafness. I do trx training 3 times a week climb stairs everyday I live on 2nd floor. My BP is 10/7 or 11/7 pulse mid high 60s . Low ldl high Hdl(79) and 40 triglycerides.  When should I do a repeat echo???


If you only have mild regurgitation (1+) and it has been stable for years you don't necessarily need a repeat echocardiogram. Periodically its reasonable to attend regular check ups and if you develop a murmur or symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath etc. then it would be worth considering repeat at that time only.

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