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Hi, so let me start with my issue. I am 31 , female and overweight. I currently take luvox, ativan and propranolol for anxiety. Right now im also on amoxicillin for strep throat. Earlier today about 4pm EST I noticed I was having quite a few palpitations. I tried to ignore them and go about my evening. At about 6:30pm the increase in pvcs and pacs began to scare me. I started having anywhere from 5-20 a minute and this lasted for 2.5 hrs. Now they are still coming off and on, I do get jaw ache, arm pain etc with them. I will add that my anxiety always presents with cardiac pain. In the last year I have had a holter monitor , 5 ekgs, a nuclear stress test and an echocardiogram. All came back healthy and they most pvcs they saw were 70 over 48 hours. Of course I've never been on a monitor when they're at their worst. I also have no family history of any heart problems, have low blood pressure and borderline cholesterol, I do not smoke or drink. What I want to know is , is the sudden huge increase something I should be worried about? I have never had so many in a row or for such a sustained period of time.


It sounds like you have had work up for the extra beats and most of it has come back normal. Ive talked about pvc's in the article above so give it a read. Your normal tests previously signify that you have a structurally normal heart, and in the majority of these cases the pvc's are considered relatively benign, 70pvc's over 48 hours is considered a very low burden. It always seems to be the case that most people aren't on a monitor when things are at their worse! but that would not likely change the management. If the increase in beats is sustained and you are concerned you can always go and seek reassurance and consideration of further monitoring, however unless you are literally have in 1 pvc in every 3 or 4 beats, there management will not likely change. I

Hope that was helpful.

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