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QUESTION: Hi, I  am 39, Male, I was diagnosed with a 100 % clogged artery via Angiograme.  The other 3 arteries are clean as a whistle.  B.P. Meds are causing breathing problems and doctor is aware of that. he's switched meds 3 times already. I am  On extremely low dose of B.P. Meds. THIS PAST WEEK I STOPPED BP MEDS AND STARTED LOGGING MY BLOOD PRESSURE.I am taking 81 mg aspirin twice a day. here is the question---- a list of my B.P. readings are below.  They seem to be very normal readings.  Why would he have me on B.P. meds. I'm gpoing to talk to my doctor, but I need some perspective first.  Can you please explain why I would need to be on BP meds?


SUN--10 AM   121/81    55

SUN--10 PM   112/79    68

MON--12 PM   129/80    61

TUE--1 AM    113/69    44

TUE--10 AM   123/89    81

TUE--1  PM   118/81    77

TUE--10 PM   103/72    68

WED--9 AM    99/68     85

WED--5 PM    130/83    81

WED--11 PM   108/74    65

THUR--9 PM   106/70    61

FRI--1 AM    113/79    57

FRI--9 AM    119/77    83

FRI--12 PM   117/67    57

FRI--9 PM    116/74    42

SAT--2 AM    112/71    54

SAT--11 AM   121/68    78

SAT--6 PM    110/63    48

SAT--9 PM    102/72    65

SAT--11 PM   106/65    39

SUN--3  AM   110/66    41

SUN--10 AM   119/75    75

SUN--1 PM    107/64    57

SUN--6 PM    116/78    65

SUN--9 PM    110/79    69

MON--12 AM   108/61    46

ANSWER: Hi Todd,

I suspect that your doctor did not start you on the atenolol for blood pressure purposes. It is likely due to the potentially beneficial effect of beta blockers in patients with known coronary artery disease, particularly those that have had a heart attack. I would ask them if this is the case. In terms of blood pressure readings, your diary is particularly helpful and i would show this at your appointment, it will stop people making reflex decisions based on isolated clinic blood pressures that may be erroneously high.

Hope that was helpful,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Are there an alternate class of drugs that I can ask my doctor about besides beta blockers.  For instance if someone is allergic to beta blockers what else can they prescribe.  Thank you


An allergy to beta-blockers isn't common, some may experience fatigue. If beta blockers can't be tolerated then they don't have to be prescribed. There is some evidence that a class of medicines called ace inhibitors, may be useful ialso. If there is chest pain involved then there is a number of potential medications that may be of use. Also cholesterol medication called a statin is prescribed. Just as important is attention to lifestyle factors and risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, exercise, diet.

Hope that was helpful,  

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