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My doc looked at my 'numbers' and said it was time to go on a low fat diet to lose weight and improve my heart health. I am 56 and  just lost a friend that was a bacon and eggs guy. Low fat is the medically approved diet to reverse heart disease, so I bought in. Can it take months for your body to adjust to a low fat diet, especially if you are older, going from meat heavy, to one based on carbs,plant protein and very low fat meat and fish?? I am a guy that ate lots of meat for over 50 years, plus was on a low carb diet. About a week into eating this new low fat diet-BTW I am not hungry I can eat all the fat free starches I want- I was overcome with fat/meat cravings so I gave in and kind of went overboard on the weekend. I work nights (4pm to midnight, Mon-Fri) so I can stick to the low fat during the day and pretty much ignore the cravings while working, then just go to bed when I get home, but weekends are tough. Thanks for your thoughts!

Personally I feel that a low carb, moderately low fat diet is good for most people unless your are ApoE 4/4.

Your previous diet was probably Ok if it was not high fat.

Ask your doctor about a 64 slice CT to assess coronary Ca++. If your score is above zero you should be on a statin.

Good luck!!!

Dr. P

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