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I have noticed I am starting to get a crease in my right ear.   Some days it appears more defined that others.  I had a nuclear stress test in 8/2013 and a Calcium score as well in 8/2013.  The nuclear test was good and the calcium score was zero.  I am a 45 year old male.  Could there have been a significant change in that period of time that would signal a heart disease issue?  Is the ear crease something I need to be worried about?  My cholesterol level was above normal but not in a high range.  My blood pressure is typically 120 over 80 range.  I am considered in the pre-diabetic range but not diabetic at this time.

Hi, http://myheart.net/articles/earlobe-crease-and-heart-disease-fact-or-myth/

Take a read of the article i wrote above talking about the creases. In summary, even though you have a crease, and it can be a marker of heart disease, you have had much more sensitive tests such as the calcium score and a nuclear scan that have placed you at a low risk category. The best thing you can do is life a good lifestyle, exercise, avoid smoking, and keep very on top of the development of diabetes.

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