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Iím an otherwise healthy 41 y.o male. I have a history of palpitations and because of this have had numerous tests over the last 5-6 years. Iíve had dozens of ekgís, lab work, echocardiogram, cardiac monitoring in a hospital setting, hoilor monitor, 30 day telemetry monitoring on two occasions and a cardiac calcium scorning. All tests were normal. I sometimes have a dull sensation in the center of my chest. It is localized and I can point to the area. It last about 2-5 seconds and goes away. It happens every few days and always when Iím sitting. I partake in strenuous exercise (weight lifting and carido) and have never had the sensation during or after exercise,yet I can be having lunch at my desk and it comes on for a few seconds. My father did have bypass surgery at 55. Could this be serious and is a cardiac calcium score worth anything?


The pain you describe is atypical chest pain, and in combination with the tests you have had and the fact you have a good functional capacity puts you in a generally low risk group. Its therefore unlikely this is related to coronary heart disease. The calcium score is useful in terms of putting you in a low risk category, and the score of 0 does that. Im also assuming you haver spoken to a physician that has had a chance to take a full history and physical. If so it all sounds generally reassuring. Keep doing the things you are doing with exercise and lifestyle particularly important.

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