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I am a 43 yo female and in the last 6 years I have suffered a range of symptoms that I suspect are POTS. The most unbearable is angina like chest pain when I exert myself such as jogging or even walking slightly uphill. The pain is almost excruciating, spreading to my neck, jaw, back and both arms. The pain resolves quickly when I stop moving. I've seen a cardiologist twice (neither of them mentioned POTS) and had many tests and they have said there is nothing wrong with my heart. I also saw a gastoenterologist to check for reflux and it was not that either. I have low blood pressure,am prone to frequent urinary tract infections and suffer from chronic constipation. I often feel faint and dizzy when I stand. Twice I've near fainted while driving. i have unpredictable periods of racing heart, often at night time when Im trying to fall asleep. But I can live with most of these symptoms, except for the exercise chest pain. It has curtailed many of my favorite activities and robs me of the endorphin rush I crave that keeps my depression at bay. I would do anything to resolve the chest pain so I can exercise hard. What is my best approach to getting rid of this pain?


The good news is that you have had investigations for the pain to rule out dangerous causes such as coronary artery disease. The normal tests you have puts you in a low risk category as far as bad outcomes are concerned. Unfortunately you still have the pain. If you are concerned you have POTS i would strongly advise you go and see a physician experienced in this and have a formal diagnosis made. If you have POTS or some other form of dysautonomia then the symptoms may well respond to a form of treatment plan.

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