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Hello Doctor,

I am a 27 years old male. I use to regularly experience palpitation especially during sleep or when lying down. The palpitations increase when I use to wake up suddenly or if I hear any voice during sleep. I also use to feel pinches in chest and sometimes congestion. The palpitations also happens without any physical exercise as such. I dont smoke and drink. I am very much concerned about about as i am having family history of cardiac problems. I had all my tests in 2013 (ECG, ECO, TMT, Blood tests, X-Ray) and were fine and docs didn't suggest any medicines. But I am concerned with these palpitations and chest pains. Do I need to again get all these tests done?

I am very much concerned kindly provide your valuable consultation.




The reassuring thing is that you had a number of tests relatively recently that ruled out underlying structural heart disease. To characterize the palpitations a holter monitor type test may be useful this will track the palpitations over a 24 hour period. In terms of the chest pain i would suggest seeing your dr again and going through the history again to see if further testing is required. You are young, and relatively fit and hopefully there isn't anything to worry about.

Hope that was helpful.  

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