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How big of an issue is it really to have a HR in 40's/50's with BP <100/60?  I have had a cardiac work-up done a couple of times after passing out in the wrong place (ie in public and at my child's pediatrician).  Both times, cardiologists concluded that is just my normal combined with a few "normal" abnormalities. I am just used to it.  But my daughter's cardiologist is stressing that it isn't normal and I need another work-up. (She has a conduction abnormality that started as trigeminal PVCs, converted to PACs, and is now random runs that trigger a self-regulating sinus tachycardia > 240, age 5)

Do I really need to see someone again or maybe just have a visit with a cardiologist every 5 years or so?  On one hand, a cardiologist is telling me to be concerned.  On the other, it is a pediatric cardiologist with a different perspective on "normal."  Thanks!

Hi Kris,
The combination of a HR in 40's/50's with BP <100/60 may result in low cardiac output (when a reduced volume of blood is pumped out of the heart to the body, and specifically your brain). if so, it may cause you to faint.
Read this:
Thus, in my opinion your condition is not "normal".
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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