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Good day sir.
  I had been diagnosed with bicuspid aortic valve and Aortic Insuficiency for about a decade now, when i was 21.My diagnosis was found when doing all the tests possible, trying to find the source of my frequent PVC's.
  My history with PVC's is not as clear as for many of my pacients (i'm a family doctor). It has (i think) three ways to trigger them : anxiety, involuntar vagal maneuvers and structural heart disease (Ao and BAV).
  As you would guess the most life changing and disturbing problem is anxiety as my AOinsuficiency makes them to feel really hard.I try to get by with life as usual as i am a very active person and say to myself they are benign in nature, but as we all learned at medschool PVC's are benign in THE ABSENCE OF STRUCTURAL HEART DISEASE ,wich i have.
  As i dont have acces to a lot of colleagues who practice cardiology i found this forum and the work you do here really good and also inspirational for other MD's as myself.

  My question is : if the AoInsuficiency is contained (2'nd degree) and compensated (EF-55%,LV max - 59-60 mm,no mitral regurgitation,Aortic root diameter - 39 mm) and i am asymptomatic (except for PVC's), even tho i do have structural heart disease it's safe to consider PVS's benign and go on with stuff i do?
  For example, during sexual activity i might find mysel lying down and experiencing a PVC every other 10-15 beats. This scares me, and ruins my experience.
  I had a stress test and no PVC was registered that day, i work out and i rarely feel one doing exercise so probably the ones during sex had to do with the vagus nerve, but still during my condition and workload during sex, i freaked out that PVC's cand triger something else and i had to stop.
  My dillema is quite simple. Having my condition how safe is for me to have a normal life?.

I dont intend to push my limits but i really need to have a normal life and if not possible to have a longer life as i have two little children to raise and i would gladly give up excercise, sex and everything that is life threatening for me and this is a blurred line, a grey zone that no cardiologist had the courage to take responsability for. You can, you cant, the risk is, so you should take care of ,etc.
  After all it's a mechanical and electric problem and this line should be clear enough.
  Thank you in advance and excuse my poor englis as it is not my primarly language.

Hi Suciu,
You already know that you have a normal heart function. Mild AI doesn't cause your pvcs to be "dangerous".  Read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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