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I am a 51 year old woman with recently beginning chest pain and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, hypermobility type.  Also high BP, high Cholesterol and very well controlled diabetes type 2.

On 2 April I had three episodes of bad chest pain/ shortness of breath.  I went to the Emerg Room at the Veterans Administration hospital and all the tests (xray, EKG,  blood, urine, cat scan) came back normal and beautiful.  No real diagnosis.  They sent me home.  
Yesterday I was awakened (awokened?) by sharp chest pain and shortness of breath.  Happened again at 6am and woke me up again.  I went to the same ER and while they were doing the EKG, I had a third episode of bad chest pain.  They took blood and did a chest xray and then left me out in the waiting room four hours.

 There were still two-three people ahead of me, so I asked for the IV in my arm to be removed and I walked out.  I can't get in to see my Veterans Admin primary doc until 20 May.  Remember that this is the VA.

While doing online research on chest pain causes, I found that EDS and chest pain are connected.  My question is, is this chest pain only connected to the Vascular type of EDS?  I read online that the vascular type can have an aortic dissection, but luckily, I have the hypermobile type.  I don't think that I have mytral valve prolapse.  I have never been told that I have mytral valve prolapse, and I have never had any EKG come back abnormal at all.

I have no cardiac history.

I don't think that I am under any stress.  I was a soldier in Desert Storm, and I am now on permanent disability for physical and mental diagnoses.  This chest pain scares me, but the VA hospital does not seem to care.

Do you have any ideas for me?  Thank you, Cyndi

Hi Cyndi,
Your evaluation has been incomplete: only showing there was nothing wrong at the time. You need to review your cardiac risks and probably have an (stress) echocardiogram:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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