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Sir... am 23 years old and i had bifascicular block i.e right bundle branch block with left anterior fasicular block.. am propranolol  20 mg medication since one year... how long does it take to progress to complete heart block.. is there any specific treatment for bifascicular block


The combination of RBBB and LAHB is known as bifascicular block. Basically 2 of the 3 main conduction channels of the heart are diseased. Your heart will be able to conduct from the remaining channel however. TThe chance of the bifascicular block progressing to complete heart block is generally low studies suggesting that is less than a few % over a few years. The chance is lower in the case of LAHB (as you have) as compared to LPHB. So while I would not worry, I would ensure you have regular follow up.

In many cases physicians will conduct an exercise treadmill to ensure no abnormality or worsening of the conduction, and an echocardiogram to ensure the fact that your LV function is normal. If normal the treatment would generally be observation (if recommended by the cardiologist that has seen you) and of course you should seek immediate help if you developed very slow heart rate, dizziness or passing out for example as that may be a sign of progression of disease.

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