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Hello, I am 39 years old, don't smoke, don't take coffee, eat healthy work at home so quite sedentary other a daily walk around the block and 1-2 mile walk in the weekend. For more than 2 years, I have suffered from the sensation of extra heart beats or skipped beats--not sure what exactly is occurring. It feels like I miss a beat but then get a few fast ones overlapping perhaps to sort of  compensate. I saw my doctor for it and he wasn't concerned. While I had for decades the occasional one, in the past two years I get them like 3 times a day and I feel them mostly when I am sitting. They calmed down once when I took a potassium/magnesium supplement, but came back once stopped so resumed and then it stopped working again. One time, I even got them every minute for a whole night, very scary. Anyhow, I did an electrocardiogram on my own because my doctor didn't order one and nothing was found. I asked the cardiologist if the electrocardiogram would exclude cardiac disease, and she said yes. She was only a bit concerned for my tad bit fast heart rate, but when I told her I was nervous for the procedure she told me then it's OK. Yet, I read that the only way to really rule out problems is having a holt monitor, is that true? I am getting concerned because at times, they are strong, sometimes they trigger a bout of coughing, others I startle like if I got a small shock and others I may get dizzy for a second or two.  Please let me know if I should listen to my doctor who thinks it's nothing or if I should push more tests, thanks!

As a middle aged,? male with increased frequency of what sounds like extra heart beats it would be reasonable to have a formal cardiac evaluation. A Holter monitor could determine what type of extra beats you are having. Also, ask the cardiologist about a 64 slice CT to assess coronary calcification.

Good luck!!!

Dr. P

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