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Hello, I have questions about a recent pre-employment ecg I had done. The company doctor told me that my results were abnormal and that the left side of my heart is enlarged. I have had recent history of occasional high BP (130-140ish over 80's), and I am working to get that under control. I don't have any history of dizziness, light headedness, no irregular heart beats, no swelling anywhere, no chest pains, etc. I'm 35 years old, male, and in what I consider good health.

The results of the ecg are:
Rate: 84
PR: 162
QT/QTc: 368/412
QRSD: 92
P Axis: 49
PRS Axis: 52
T Axis: 56

The printout does show under the interpretation Left Atrial Enlargement and RSR in V1. The dr. crossed out the 'left atrial enlargement' after showing me the clean copy at the appt, I didn't see it crossed out until I got the paper copy a couple of days ago. Ive already scheduled a follow up appt with a cardiologist, that is several weeks away....but I've been pretty worried since the physical.

I uploaded a copy of the ECG with personal info whited out, its attached to this message.

Is this bad? I don't know anything about the numbers here or what the waves mean, and it's confusing that the Dr. crossed out what he did after he told me my heart was enlarged. I've called his office to speak further with him, but they aren't really willing to answer any questions, other than stating I need to schedule a follow up with another dr. Just been worried sick since my appt thinking about my family.

Thanks for any help.

The EKG is too small to reinterpret but does not appear grossly abnormal. An EKG is not a good way to evaluate cardiac chamber size. An ultrasound would be a better measure. If the left atrium is enlarged and there are no valvular problems or coronary disease then the treatment should be optimization of your blood pressure.

Good luck!!!

Dr. P

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