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Hi doctor,I am a 29 year old female,five years ago when i was pregnant i started having pacs and pvcs and still have them some days are worse than others,for the past 7 days i have had a cold sweat on hands and feet day and night,feel sick and very distant also feelings like i cant breathe,my heart has been racing on and off night and day for the past 7 days also,i am very worried i went to a&e Wednesday night and had an ecg but my heart wasn't racing at the time it was done and i was told it was normal and sent home.i am taking half a 2.5 tablet of nebivolol for the etopic beats,should i be worried about this racing,thank you

Hi Jacqueline,
The test had no meaning since your heart was beating normally at the time. You need to see your doctor and get re-tested:
Please read this, it has all the information you need:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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