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had a heart cath done back in 05/2014 and in that time they told me at the hospital tgat everything looks normal I did it because I had chest discomfort like heaviness and it was most in the right side they did a heart cath through my right arm, and said the chest pain is likely non cardiac today when I went to pick up a copy from my medical record I found a note saying moderately elevated left ventricular diastolic filling pressure and they mentioned nothig about it to me can I know what dies this mean , also it says left ventricular contracility is normal, the lv cavity is normal, LVEDP 23 mmHg, and LV ejection fraction : EF 55%, am a 30 years old femalewhat are the normal levels for LVEDP? And how bad is mine? And how can I lower it to yhe normal level ? Also I never had high blood pressure mine always aroun 100/60 also do I need to be concerned about as the doctor who did it was at the emergency room and there is no way I can reach him.thank you

Hi Tina,
In your case this is not an important factor. Whehter you a heart problem depends on your cardiac risks and life style:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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