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QUESTION: Last year I had an Echo, EKG, and Holtor Monitor done all came back normal. I am a 37 yr old Male, fairly active, normal weight. I have had PVCs and such for about 20 years. The last 4-5 weeks they seem to be more frequent, when laying down in an angle position with my body at about a 30 degree angle against a pillow. If I walk around, or go for a fast walk, they go away almost completely. I asked my Doctor, and she said not to worry about them. No dizziness, or pain. Just really worried about developing heart failure or something. I have anxiety disorder also. I take 100mg Toprol XL twice daily as this worked for years. Do you think I should ask to try and up the dose? Or what would you advise? Thanks in advance for any help.

ANSWER: This is not something that can be properly evaluated and treated over the Web.

Good luck!!!

Dr. P

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QUESTION: I guess I was only looking for an opinion on "do you think this is something to worry about?". All of those tests were done almost 1 year ago, would you recommend doing them again?  Or is it more likely that nothing has really changed and I could wait to see if this subsides on its own.

Generally PVC's that resolve with exercise are not serious however you are a middle aged male who has noticed a change. You need to discuss this with your personal cardiologist. Something has not been 100% normal with your heart for the past 20 years. Has anything changed?

Good luck!!!

Dr. P

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