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I have had 2 episodes of SVT one requiring adenosine. My dr wants to do ablation this Friday. He diagnosed me with inappropriate sinus tach last year but the episodes have contined despite beta blocker!  I recently noticed my BP and pulse ruse significantly upon standing. 120/80 p81 lying then 166/128 p 120 standing. I have confirmed this over last few days and am concerned I may have hyper adrenal POTS. I called and his nurse said it is a possibility but still need to proceed with ablation! My question then is it safe to have ablation for SCT if I have underlying POTS? I have seen a few references that say ablation is not recommended but I think in those cases the ablation was to treat the IST not the SVT?

Hi Dawn,
If you continue to be concerned about POTS you should insist on a discussion with your cardiologist prior to ablation. However, your symptoms are not consistent with POTS:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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