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I've appreciated your past advice and have another question. I'm 68 and an avid daily runner. I have an annual heart exam with ekg and Echo and all normal. My Drs believe I'm in great shape and even have a resting heart rate at 44 bpm. I do have stomach issues and have been on aciphex daily for over 15 years. It usually works very well to control acid reflux. I have to stay on it because I also have Barrets esophagus.....I do notice that during some runs I start getting a burning in my throat or upper esophagus. It usually continues throughout the run and stays with me throughout the day regardless of whether I take some gaviscon, mylanta, etc. I'm usually fine the next day. Dr., this doesn't happen during every run, just occasionally and I never get out of breath or have any other type of chest pains during my runs and my pcp is not concerned. He thinks it's just acid reflux from the dehydration and muscular strain on my esophagus from running. Wonder what you think. Thanks so much.

Hi Don,
Doesn't sound like your heart. However, with your history of Barrett's and acid reflux, you should be checked out, because of the increased risk of esophageal cancer:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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