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Hi doctor,
Sent you a question about broken heart syndrome a few days ago and I thank you very much for that nformation. I just have one follow up question:
If it resolves itself without a need for a specific treatment, then how come every thing that I find when I google information pertaining to broken heart syndrome, they all say go to emergency room and all patients get put on beta blockers and there is even a chance of dying?
Thank you so much for all the information and your help.

Hi Leda,

Broken heart syndrome is a diagnosis of exclusion, that means that other more serious causes of heart dysfunction need to be ruled out. The symptoms are the same as many potentially much more dangerous conditions and so patients will typically attend the emergency room. Once more serious causes are ruled out and the diagnosis made, the treatment is typically just supportive and it resolves itself in a few days. Occasionally the degree of symptoms is more severe and more aggressive treatment required to support the heart but that is rare. In less than 5% of cases there are bad outcomes, but its important to keep in mind those are in people with accompanying severe underlying illnesses. In general, otherwise healthy people presenting with broken heart syndrome will do well.  

Hope that was helpful,  

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